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Some changes can be applied during development.

Quarter 1

  • Idea, Conceptualisation and Roadmap
  • Creation of Whitepaper and Tokenomics
  • Creating and deploying BXB on BNB Smart Chain network
  • Launch Website, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Medium, Reddit and Github
  • Community Building and Promotion

Quarter 2

  • Token Contract Audit
  • Seed Sale Rounds
  • Team KYC Report
  • Public Sale Rounds
  • Dex Listing and Token Distribution
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap
  • Listing on Coingecko
  • Testnet PariBet (V1) Launch

Quarter 3

  • Mainnet PariBet (V1) Launch
  • Apply for CEX Listing
  • Testnet Fixed-Odds (V1) Launch
  • Testnet PariBet (V2) Launch
  • Mainnet Fixed-Odds (V1) Launch

Quarter 4

  • Apply for More CEX Listing
  • Launch Media Campaign
  • Full Product Launch (PariBet V2 + Fixed-Odds V1)
  • Blockchain Education and User Acquisition Campaign
  • Massive Marketing and Ecosystem Growth Campaign