Vig Airdrops


Game products in the ecosystem have a cut only from the profit of winning games, this cut is simply called vig. The vig is adjustable, thus it can be different for each game, but can never exceed 10%. It is distributed to the team for developing products and marketing, BXB holders, and pool owners. All distributions are autonomously implemented with smart contracts.

Holders' Vig (BXB Deflation)

BXB holders receive 50% of all the vig generated in the ecosystem. The vig will be used to buyback and burn BXB tokens, thereby reducing the supply of the token and increasing its value. The buyback and burn will continue until the total supply reduces to 21 million tokens. After the total supply gets to 21 million tokens, the vig will be distributed to all BXB holders on a pro rata basis of the latest snapshot of on-chain token holders. Snapshot can be taken only once in 24 hours and holders can claim their vig from the vig smart contract.

Ecosystem's Vig

The ecosystem’s vig wallet receives 25% of all the vig generated from the games. All funds in the ecosystem’s vig wallet is for developing products and marketing.

Event Owners' Vig

25% of all the vig generated from the games goes to the event owner’s wallet.

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